First Wrath Raid Night

Thursady night – my last night of play before some travel this weekend – we joined our first WotLK 10-man raid. This was a joint effort with another guild, since both guilds are relatively new and a bit short on people.

We had planned to hit the Wintergrasp Raid to start, but Alliance wasn’t able to get back control of the zone earlier in the evening. Instead we started with the Obsidian Sanctum. Going in, several of us had watched the Tankspot video on Sartharion – so we more or less knew what to expect for the actual boss fight.

The trash was reasonably simple, but the drakes were interesting. I was the best geared tank , so I did the main tanking for the evening – that meant that I stayed out with the Drakes while the rest of the raid (sans my Holy Priest wife) hopped back and forth through portals and dealt with adds/eggs in there.  On a future run I will have to swap roles, since the phasing does seem like a cool mechanic. Only the middle drake caused any inconvenience, and that was only his taking an annoyingly long time to die.

Before engaging Sartharion, we had sent two people out to the summoning stone when the Northrend World Server started acting flaky. After several minutes those of us still in the instance finally saw our friends lists all go offline. Once the server got around to coming back up, everyone logged back in and we got to buisiness.

Sartharion is a fun fight, but it is not difficult – at least not when you leave zero drakes up. The Tankspot video covers it perfectly, and we didn’t have any deaths until the very very end when a few dps ignored the a flame wall trying to get just one more hit to finish her off. Silly deaths, but the fight was over at that point.

With OS-10 cleared, we decided to head into Naxx-10. Going through the Spider Wing we cleared through all three bosses there with little trouble – A total of 3 wipes across the 3 bosses, with the 2nd boss being one-shot. All the failed attempts were simply the healers and myself getting coordinated on damage spikes and silences – and once we got the patterns down they felt reasonably tuned.

I say reasonably tuned – as in, a fair challenge for a good group of newish level 80s. This is not Karazhan – at least not as Karazhan started. Karazhan was a mistake, and was far too difficult for it’s place in the raid progression.

I would suggest that Heroic Nexus and Utgarde Keep are a fair test for for Sartharion and early Naxx, with the harder heroics (Loken, I’m looking glaring at you) being more of a challenge than anything we did last night.

However, we did have a group of experience raiders. We did not loose people early in fights, and the healing was well coordinated – that really makes a big difference, and likely partially accounts for the ease of the run.

In all, I had a great time. I walked away with a new bag, while my wife got her T7 gloves and an offhand (she initially passed, and finally took it to avoid it becoming a shard). I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed raiding, and think that Blizzard has done an amazing job out of the gate.  Plans are already being made for another joint run next week – not a long term solution, but something that certainly is working out now.

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