An Offer Considered

Warning:  This is much more of an attempt to organize my thoughts than an actual blog post.  I ramble.  A lot more than usual, even.

Several weeks back I turned down an offer to take a Raid Leader position.  At the time I had recently left my long-time guild, and was already working on the idea of starting up a small raiding guild.

The current guild is doing fine, but we are still small.  We certainly don’t have enough 80s to run 10-mans on our own, and aren’t interested in mass-recruiting in /general or /trade, so we’ve been running raids with another guild over the last week.

Our partner guild has hit the point where they are having to sit their own people to bring us, and while they do need (at least some of ) us, sitting their own guildies is obviously a hard sell.  Following the run last night my wife got a whisper from their GL asking us to join them.

I’d been expecting this, and honestly would have been a bit insulted if they hadn’t at least asked.  My line in Vent was “Ahh, here’s that other shoe.”

I’m not quite sure how I want to respond, but we’ll talk it over tonight.  There are certainly both pro’s and con’s either way – However, I think the decision is going to come down to one thing:  Is it worth doing the ‘work’ of guild leading when there is another option?

We formed our own guild once it became obvious that we didn’t have any great situations to step into, and didn’t feel like spending weeks/months hopping guilds until we found a good fit.  This is a pretty good situation.  They are former hardcore raiders, who seemingly all know what they are doing.  The content we’ve been hitting is admittedly easy, but things have been very smooth.

It isn’t all roses though – they are a bit more raucous that I’m used to.  From what I can tell, my wife would be their only female raider.  Their raid hours will require us to adjust our schedules slightly.

And, to be honest, we wouldn’t be in charge anymore.  Truth told, that is a big part of it.

Question is, is the ‘work’ of running a guild worth the payout?  Can we get more ‘play’ out of our ‘playtime’ by moving?  If so, is it worth it?

I’m not sure.

I’m very much unsure where our other raid leader is on this, and I’m not certain about my wife either.

We’ll talk things over tonight, and try to make a decision.

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One Comment on “An Offer Considered”

  1. Dinaer Says:

    Just a personal anecdote – when my guild was small, and doing joint runs with other guilds just to get into Kara, we had offers from two other guilds to join. Neither was a perfect fit, so we turned them both down. Eventually, things worked out well for us by other means.

    If this doesn’t feel right, remember that there will always be more opportunities down the road.

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