Weekend Update, non-WoW

Outside of WoW, it was time to replace some hardware.

My phone – a several years old Windows Mobile model – was about dead. I’d held off on replacing it since nothing on the market is ‘perfect’. Realizing that I could repeat the ‘just 3 months till the Next Big Thing comes out’ cycle forever, I went ahead and bit the bullet. Picked up an iPhone. It being an Apple product creeps me out slightly, but I really do like it a lot.

There are a few things I don’t like – the total lockdown Apple has on the platform being the main one, along with a lack of easy (non-ToS violating) support for tethering being another. That said, it is a vast improvement over my previous smart phone, and the existing Android phone just isn’t what I’m looking for (yet).

If that were the only toy I’d bought over the weekend, I’d have plenty to keep me busy playing.


We also have a pair of older laptops that we get some use out of – mostly for small things around the house and especially while traveling. They have both been misbehaving, and are showing signs of serious hardware problems – so much so that we’ve basically stopped using them. We’ve talked about finding a replacement for months, and with Holiday travel coming up – now is the time.

Enter the Aluminum Macbook. /shudder

I really really really wanted to get a Windows machine. Perhaps something nice from Dell – but everything I looked at was either too low end, or a very expensive gaming machine. I just need a mid-range laptop, light, good battery life, with a reasonably powerful video card. For the money (even with the Apple tax) – the Macbook hit what I’m looking for.

Plus… it is sooooo pretty. /sigh

So… now that I’ve sold out, should I be looking for a package in the mail? Trendy jeans and a black tee? A cap with a discrete Apple logo? An iPhone app listing directions to the nearest coffee shop with WiFi and a too-cool-for-me indie soundtrack?

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