Moving into the new home

Last night was another scheduled raid night. Pre-raid we had finished up the admin work of transferring guild leadership over to one of my wife’s alts – and so we were ready to /gquit on our mains and to make the jump to the new guild.

It is really hard to describe, but in the span of five minutes I went from a bit anxious to completely at peace. Perhaps it is because we’ve run with these guys for several weeks, maybe it was the amazingly warm welcome, and the immediate jokes in chat certainly helped – but it somehow felt like coming home again.

The evening’s raid went well. After a bit of a late start, we tried Sartharion (once) with one drake up before deciding to just get our loot and run. Following that we cleared Naxx’s Spider wing and the Plague wing up through Heigan, and which point we had to split. I’m hoping they went ahead and took down Lotheb, because I’d like to get a quick start on the other wings Thursday night.

Anub’Rakhan was ever nice enough to drop me an upgraded tanking ring, which I thoroughly appreciated.

We are still in the honeymoon period- that is certain – but for now at least, I’m very pleased that with the decision.

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