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Gear List: Tanking upgrades from Heroic/10-mans

December 20, 2008

Here is another of my gear list posts – again, mainly here as a reference for me.

Currently, 10-mans and Heroics are where I’m playing – so this list just includes those. About half my gear could still be replaced in that content, so I certainly have some more work to do.

This list is in order of priority, with the gear slots at the bottom not having substantial upgrades in the currently available content. This is not an exhaustive list of things I’d like to see drop though, as there are certainly other “occasional use” pieces that I’ll take if I come across them.


Current: Tempered Titansteel Helm / Arcane-Shielded Helm / Ground Tremor Helm
Goal: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Greathelm (Naxx10 – Kel’Thuzad)
Goal: Thane’s Tainted Greathelm (Naxx10 – Four Horsemen)

I’ve got three helms that I’m playing with at the moment, and would love to get something solid enough to replace them all.

The Arcane-Shielded Helm (w/ Austere Earthseige Diamond is my general purpose Boss tanking helm.
Ground Tremor Helm (w/ Eternal Earthsiege Diamond) is my threat piece.

However, word is out that this Titansteel Helm is getting a meta socket in the next patch – that would easily make it the best helm this side of Naxx-25, and would help narrow this slot down quite a bit.


Current: Bindings of Dark Will
Goal: Minion Bracers (Naxx10 Trash)
Goal: Bracers of the Herald (Heroic Old Kingdom)

The main upgrade here drops in a heroic that I’ve not run very much, guess I need to fix that…


Current: Sabatons of Draconic Vigor
Goal: Plague-Impervious Boots (Naxx10 Noth)
Alt Goal: Tempered Titansteel Treads (BS BoE)
Alt Goal: Greaves of Ancient Evil (Heroic Old Kingdom)

Still weighing having the Titansteel Treads crafted. They really aren’t all that much of an upgrade, and Noth is dying easily every week – his piece is a serious upgrade. However, at 120 stamina, it may be worth getting the crafted boots anyway.. even if just for a lolhealth set.


Current: Chained Military Gorget (EoHx25)
Goal: Amulet of Autopsy (Naxx10 – Heigan/Gluth)

Having picked up the badge vendor item, I’m not seeing any major upgrades outside of Naxx.


Current: Horn-Tipped Gauntlets
Goal: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Handguards (EoHx60 or OS10)
Alt Goal: Gauntlets of the Master (Naxx10 Gluth/Faerlina)

The Tier 7 gloves are very nice, and they are where my next 60 emblems are going.


Current: Durable Nerubhide Cape (LW BoE)
Goal: Gale-Proof Cloak (OS10 w/ 1 Drake)

The only available upgrade here is in Obsidian Sanctum, and only if at least one drake is left up. Not doing that yet, but hope to give it a try soon.


Current: Legplates of Inescapable Death
Goal: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Legguards (Naxx10 Gluth/Thaddius)

Just need the T7 token at this point – but even that isn’t a huge upgrade.


Current: Titanium Earthguard Ring
Current: Deflection Band (Naxx10 Anub’Rekhan)

Goal: Keystone Great-Ring (Heroic Drak’Tharon)

Both of my current rings are solid, but I would like to see the drop from Drak’Tharon. Not a major upgrade, but something to give me some options on a pure physical damage fight.

Shoulder (No Upgrades)

Current: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Pauldrons

Got these this week. No major upgrades available.

(No Upgrades)

Current: Waistguard of Living Iron

Got nothing else outside of Naxx-25. This was my first emblem purchase, and it finally let me replace my old Girdle of the Fearless.

Chest (No Upgrades)

Current: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Breastplate
Collected enough badges this week to grab the T7 token off the vendor.

Trinkets (No Upgrades)

Current: Figurine – Monarch Crab
Current: Essence of Gossamer

The Monarch Crab and Essence of Gossamer cover me for most fights. There are a few other trinkets I’d like to have to fill out my gear sets, nothing that I’ll miss too much if I don’t get.

Shield (No Upgrades)

Current: Titansteel Shield Wall / Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Sure Crygil’s Discarded Plate Panel is nice, but for EoHx35 I’ll not bother getting it. It amazing similar to the two I already have, and certainly not worth so much as carrying around.

Ranged (No Upgrades)

Current: Armor Plated Combat Shotgun

Another slot where I am done for the time being.

Weapon (No Upgrades)

Current: Red Sword of Courage

I got lucky and picked up the RSoC on my first trip through Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, and as such am mostly set this slot. The Slayer of the Lifeless (Naxx10 Gothik) is nice, but is effectively a sidegrade to the Red Sword of Courage. If I were to stumble upon it, I could work it into some gear sets – but it certainly isn’t a priority.


Warriors: Talents for WotLK

November 8, 2008

How should you level in Northrend?  It almost doesn’t matter.  Leveling a Warrior has never been easier, and there is very little you can do ‘wrong’.

I personally prefer leveling as Protection; it is what I did from 1-70, so it is no shock that I’ll go that way in WotLK.  However, while in the Beta I did spend considerable time trying out different specs, and nothing I tried ‘didn’t work’.

My spec will be a balanced threat/mitigation build, with heavy focus in buffing shield block.  This is based entirely on my play style.  While leveling, I’ll have a Holy Priest with me full time, so downtime is no concern.  This combination (especisally from level 75 and on when she gets her AoE) is amazing at chain pulling entire areas at a time.  There is no subtelty, no strategey – I grab anything that moves, allow them to destroy themselves on my shield, and move on.   If I’m not moving fast enough, my wife will grab mobs and pull them into thunderclap range.  It almost feels like cheating, but it is an amazingly fun way to knock out quests.

However, questing is only part of the plan – I will spend at least half of my time in instances.  The new leveling instances are well designed, quick to run, and super entertaining.  I enjoy them so much, that I’m sure I’ll run each several times on the way up to 80.

Yes, any spec can tank 5-mans now, but a Fury warrior tanking just takes longer to get through an instance than Prot.  Protection warriors put out more threat, and require less healing, making it far easier to chain pull the whole run.

Were I planning to spend less time in instances, then Fury would be a great option.  I tanked several group quests with Titan’s Grip, and while it was more of a challenge, it worked.  If I lacked a ‘pocket healer’, then the health regen that Fury brings would be very hard to pass up.  Plus, dual wielding massive swords is just awesome.  Even if you don’t level with TG, do yourself a favor and play with it some.

You certainly could use a “raid tank” build – focus entirely on mitigation, survivability and rage efficiency – and based on your gear level this may be wise, but I found it to be overkill.  Nothing on the way to 80 really threatened to kill me, at least not without some help.  If we wiped, it was usually that we totally misunderstood a new fight, or had made such a serious error that no spec change would matter.  As for rage efficiency, so long as you pull enough mobs at once, rage is never an issue either.

Once 3.1 lands, and brings with it dual talent specs, things will be even easier – but I expect that by then I will have long since hit level 80, and will have a different use in mind for my second spec.

Tanking Level 70 Heroics post-3.0

October 28, 2008

I’m finding myself playing on the live servers more and more the past week, and the achievement system has me firmly in it’s grasp.  Specifically, the Heroic Dungeon Achievements.  The annoyance here is that I’ve done 80% of them pre-3.0, many as part of the Daily Heroics, but those Daily Quests don’t seem to have transfered to the new system.

So, to fill out that list, we’ve been doing the tour.  We’ve already hit the ones that I’ve seen many times, and more recently started hitting some that I’d missed to this point.  First trips included Blood Furnace and Old Hillsbrad.  My current count is 4 left, and I expect that will be taken care of by the end of the week.

The runs have been easy.  Super easy.  No CC has been needed, and I’ve often intentionally pulled several groups at a time, either to up the challenge, or to simply speed up the runs.  And they have been fast – most in the 25 to 40 minute range.

Being guildless at the moment, I’ve been pugging 1 or 2 spots in each run.  While guilded, I almost never got to use /LFG, since we were always short tanks for 5-mans.  Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I haven’t had the first problem using /LFM.  While the DPS isn’t, generally speaking, amazing – I haven’t had any runs ‘ruined’.  In fact, I’ve added a few names to my Friend List, people that I’ve found to be quite skilled – at times in spite of their current gear level.  These are certainly the type of people I’ll be looking for more of going forward.

As to how the DPS is doing, it is uneven.  The Mage that we usually run with is consistently putting out the most damage (generally as much as the other 2 DPS combined).  On most runs I’m coming in 2nd, or at worst a very close 3rd.  This is a major difference, and to be honest, it feels like we could 3-man most of these runs.

Things don’t feel at all like they did pre-3.0, where I would typically mark mobs for CC, and move a lot more deliberately through instances.  In a lot of ways, I miss that way of doing things – the tactics, and consequences for making a mistake.  However, this really amounts to a farewell tour of these zones, and as such, I am enjoying it.

All the same, I do look forward to a rougher time in the Wrath Heroics.  As much as I am enjoying the cape and tights, it is nice to think there are other places to explore; Places where, just maybe, they have tracked down my Kryptonite.

Wrath Beta: Upcoming Prot Warrior Changes

September 26, 2008

In the beta forums, Ghostwolf has posted another string of answer to warrior concerns. (link)

Several of these show where warriors will, or are likely to, be going in the next few patches.  She addresses pretty much every outstanding concern that I’ve been holding on to, so things are looking very good.

At the moment Revenge doesn’t seem strong enough to make it into the standard rotation, especially since Devastate can proc free Shield Slams though Sword and Board.  Ghostwolf says:

Putting it into Sword and Board is something we are discussing.


We will probably add Revenge to S+B to make sure it gets used more (and might buff it’s AP coefficient a tad).

So, Revenge is getting buffed..  what about Shield Slam?

We nerfed Devastate (for good reason) and haven’t given warriors anything back yet. We don’t want to just buff Revenge, because that doesn’t help dps when you aren’t the tank. Shield Slam is a good candidate.

We are going to buff Shield Slam’s damage (but probably it’s flat damage because it scales very well already) to make sure it remains the go-to ability for Prot, even when not tanking.

Great! While tanking, I’ve started to notice the 4-target cap on Thunderclap – especially since I haven’t been able to pick up the Glyph that (previously) increased T-Clap to 8 targets.  That glyph is starting to feel like it is going to be required..

It’s not mandatory, and actually it only increases your radius. Thunder Clap will do what you want it to do, but that’s another topic. 🙂

So, Thunderclap is going to scale to more targets?  Possibly simply have the target cap removed?  More on *that* topic please! /happydance

On top of all this great warrior news, she makes an attempt to try and compete with Tigole’s quote from earlier this week:

Here is similar case. Go look at the other forums. The list of threads I’ve seen lately of classes who say they are not doing enough damage: hunters, shamans, paladins, rogues, priests, death knights, druids, warlocks. I am not exaggerating. Maybe the druids have quieted down with the recent Balance changes. I haven’t heard much out of the mages lately. Sometimes you’ll see maybe a Retadin saying “Okay, we might be doing a tiny bit too much damage, but we still shouldn’t be nerfed.”

Also just keep in mind that most people posting about how their classes need to better do have a teeny bit of conflict of interest. I’m not saying most of the community is trying to badger us into making them OP. But it’s something you do have to be cognizant of.


The next couple of beta patches are looking very good for Protection Warriors, once these changes hit we are starting to feel “done”.  I can’t wait!