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Karazhan: Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight

April 18, 2008

On this weeks trip into Karazhan, for the first time in a long while, we had someone along who had never been very far in. This meant that I needed to explain each boss encounter – something that I used to do every week. However, being so used to everyone knowing the fights, I stumbled over a few pieces and left out a couple of (occasionally important) details. So, I’m going to start writing up a description of each fight (and associated clear), mainly so that I can make sure I’ve gone over everything in my mind.

Heading in to Karazhan? The obvious place to start, is Attumen/Midnight. Well, perhaps the basement would be the best place to start.. but in my experience everyone starts with Attumen, and the goes to the basement when they get stuck on him or Moroes. However, it has been many months since I ventured down there, so I’m going to skip it. You probably should too (unless you are a hunter looking to tame a bat or spider.)

So, what type of group do you need?

  • Two tanks, or at least a tank and an off-tank with a solid tanking set – tankadins and druids make a great 2nd tank, and they can heal (tankadin) or dps (druid) on the sinlge tank encounters. Both do need to be uncrittable, and for warriors/tankadins uncrushable.
  • Two or three healers. Three is my preference, though having two main healers, and a off-healer should work.
  • That leaves 5 or 6 dps. Having two CC makes things much easier – priest and hunters are the only real options there. Otherwise, bring high dps. You don’t want to be too heavy on melee (for later bosses), but you can make pretty much any setup work.

When you first zone into Karazhan, you will have three paths available. One the immediate right, there is the door to the basement. Further up on the right are the stairs up to the ballroom – essentially the path to everything post-Attumen. Finally, there is a doorway on the left that leads to the Stables, as well as Midnight.

The series of pulls leading to Attumen is not bad, but does require you to move at a reasonable pace. The 25 minute respawn on trash may test groups early on. If respawns pop, they will join when Midnight is engaged – so at that point, simply regroup at the entrance and take a 10 minute break. Trying to save a few minutes by playing catch-up on the respawns will only lead to heart-ache.

If someone dies, tell them to run back in. It is a short jog, just keep moving, and rebuff when they make it in.

The pulls are a combination of horses (Chargers and Stallions) and humans (Apprentices and Stable hands), all undead. The Stable hands can heal either type of horse, and seem resistant to frost traps, though Shackle does work. Both horses can be trapped or Shackled. The Spectral Chargers have a charge/aoe fear combination that can be a bit annoying. It can be dealt with by grouping everyone up on the horse, or by simply making sure you pull them back enough that you don’t pull another group if/when you eat a fear.

Before doing to first pull, look into the stables and watch for the PAT – a double pull horse/human – and mark them.

Then, when they are clear, you can start the pulls. I like to do the first few pulls out into the entryway. I tank in the corner near the front-door, with all the ranged dps up on the platform by the stairs – this ensures that should we get feared, no one goes anywhere dangerous.

The first pull is a single horse. Pull back to the corner and kill

The 2nd pull is a double pull. You can shackle, trap, off-tank, or simply have the tank pick up both. A word about shackle – it is my favorite CC for Karazhan, but unless you have a hit-capped Shadow Priest, it will break early. For a holy priest, Heal->Heal->Shackle is a good rotation to get used to. Or have a hunter get used to dropping a trap next to the priest. Or both. Otherwise, this pull is simple, just make sure to pull them into the entryway before CC is applied, or else you may pull to PAT as well.

The PAT is next. Pull them back as well. Doesn’t really matter which you take first.

Now, you can move everyone into the stable hallway. Position the group back where the first pull was, and check out the next pull. Two horses, with a roaming stable hand. Grab the horses when he PATs away, and pull them all the way back to the group. Through the next archway, there is a 2 pull on the immediate left – grab them and pull back to the group. Then there will be two more double pulls, with stable hand PATing between them. Pull the pair on the right, then the stable hand, then the pair on the left. Always pull these back to the group, and make sure you have room to get feared. It will happen, so just plan for it. There is plenty of room, use it.

Now, there are two pulls to go. A four pull (2 horse, 2 humans), and a five pull (an extra human). Use traps, shackles and OTs. The chargers will dash around and steal traps. Until you gear up a bit, these pulls will be a bit hectic.

Finally, you are at Midnight. He won’t engage till you hit him. I prefer to have my off-tank tank him in place. He is very basic tank-n-spank, with no real tricks. At 95% health Attumen will appear. You need to have a tank pick him up, and drag him away – if you don’t grab him fast, he will go eat a healer, so be ready. If your Midnight tank is a Pally, have them hold off on Consecration around 95% or you may have trouble grabbing Attumen.

I pull Attumen back to the left of the group, into the corner. If you have a warrior on him, you can reflect back a curse and disarm him. Keep all dps on midnight, and when he hits 25%, he will run over to Attumen, and they mount up. This is an aggro-reset, so the tank needs to grab him fast, and dps and healers need to hold off – I’d even avoid having HOTs up, as having your first attack miss could lead to a dead healer.

At this point he starts charging. Have everyone else group up tight on the horses bum, and they aren’t an issue. The safe-zone is large enough that Hunters can keep shooting, so there is no reason to take any charges. With that out of the way, it is a simple tank-n-spank again.

With a “mostly in blues, just starting Karazhan” group, this fight may take upwards of 5 minutes (our record length was 5’57” for a successful kill, though that required us to manage less than 1900 dps as a raid.) Get everyone in epics, and you can easily finish in less than 3 minutes (2’39” is our record, though I know many groups take him down in well under 2 minutes).

For a first fight in an instance, and probably the first 10-man boss battle that many will see, this is a fun fight. At lower gear levels, the 25-minute trash timer will require you to keep moving, but Attumen/Midnight is a very doable encounter. If you are having problems with tank death, then check your healer/tank gear level. If DPS is pulling aggro, then you need to have them hold off. If the transitions are causing you problems, then you may just need to work on having the tanks be a bit quicker, and perhaps have the healers hold off for a heartbeat.

There is another trash pull guarding the blacksmith. A 5 pull, with some fire damage, but nothing to worry about if you get to that point. I generally skip this pull, but while learning having to ability to repair is very important. Should you skip it, the pull will despawn on a soft-reset (everyone leaving the instance for 30 minutes) once Attumen is dead. Behind them is another pull and a stairwell. You can leave them be. There is very little reason to ever take that path up – though, once you have cleared the first 2 bosses, you can let the instance soft-reset (or just come back later in the week) and run around and explore a bit.