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WotLK: Azjol-Narub

November 17, 2008

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Azjol-Narub is the shortest of the Northrend 5-man instances. I would suggest level 71 as a fair minimum for heading in, as lower level toons can make it through, but will suffer a lot of ‘misses’ along the way.

Properly done, you should be on your way out in around 15-minutes. How can it be so fast? There are only three pulls that aren’t directly tied to boss events.

When you zone in, you’ll find trash pull #1 in the tunnel down. The 2nd trash pull is around the corner, and then you are at the first boss event.

Krik’thir the Gatewatcher

This is a fight in stages, that begins once you pull any of the groups in front of the boss. The groups come one at a time, with just a few seconds rest between (you will not get out of combat long enough for a Priest Resurrection, so run back unless you have Battle Rez.) All of these groups have a few annoying abilities. Skirmishers are my priority target – they seem the threat wipe, and don’t respect my authority (taunt). Other mobs will stun melee (web-on-face), or encase players in a cocoon that must be DPS’d down.

When the third group drops, you’ll have a few seconds before Krik’thir starts moving. This fight is actually pretty simple, presuming you have any AoE abilities. He should stay locked on the tank, and occasionally call in a large number of low-health bugs. Burn them down, and then continue on Krik’thir.

No tanking items drop here, so be patient.


Continue to the next room, and set your group up at the top. Here, you will face a series of three pulls – each of which bring Hadronox a bit closer (look down to check her progress.) This is a gauntlet style room, and you will get a series of solo adds until you deal with three group pulls.

Once the groups are done, Hadronox should be nearly the base of the stairs. There, she will be fighting a large group of spiders. Either just let her finish them all off, or pull her up to the group – you can’t fight her while she is still killing the small spiders, as she heals 10% every time she kills anything.

Once you get her alone, watch out for the acid clouds, remove her poison (if anyone can) and hope your healers can keep up the the damage coming into the group.

She does drop the Treads of Aspiring Heights, so Feral tanks can walk away with a piece of gear.


The next challenge – your first time in anyway – if to simply find the next boss. Just follow Hadronox’s tunnel, and keep going down. Way down. Eventually you will get to a bridge with a double pull, and then the final boss.

Anub’arak, like the other fights in Azjol-Narub, is all about the adds. While he is above-ground he can cast ‘pound’ which is a large (~10k large) damage/stun frontal cone – so protect the rest of the group, and keep him turned away.

Throughout the fight you will see areas a turned up dirt, these will quickly explode into spikes, so move out of them.

Otherwise, most of the fight is spent with him burrowed, and you dealing with a stream of mobs pouring in. These vary from weak to very week, but there are a lot of them – so just keep burning them down.

Anub’arak drops the tanking prize of the instance: Signet of Arachnathid Command. This is a very nice ring that many tanks will want to pick up.