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Karazhan: Curator

May 20, 2008

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View.

With the Opera clear, you now have access to the back door. I suggest actually doing the clear up to the back door, but it can be skipped if you’d rather just hoof it out to the back door.

Standing at the entrance from the Opera Balcony to the Broken Stair, you can see the back door just ahead on the left. You can also see a couple of ghosts. There are actually two ghost variants that make up the majority of the Broken Stair trash, but I treat them both the same. They have a large aggro-radius, can cast a ‘cone of frost’ directed at the tank, and they hit pretty hard. I simply pull them and turn them away from the group.

The first is at the entrance to the Broken Stair, and there is another on the left once you move into the room. There is one ahead, just past the backdoor, and another at the base of the ramp in the next room. These are all single pulls, and shouldn’t cause any real problems.

In the room with the 4th of these mobs you should be a doorway out to a terrace. That is where you summon Nightbane, if you have the required Urn. I consider him one of the last bosses, so I’ll cover him in a later post.

On to Curator. Climb the ramp, and fight another ghost at the top. There is another just outside, and then as you follow the ramps there is another at the base of the stairs.

You are now at the base of the actual ‘broken stairs’. Make sure your tank goes up first, as the aggro range on these mobs can be tricky, and they often pull early. There are two more ghost pulls on the way up the stairs, and then you finally get something different.

Here you head back ‘inside’ through a small hallway, and into a room with two large Arcane Watchmen. They each need to be tanked, and they each hit relatively hard. Adding to the fun, they can but a put an ‘Overload’ debuff on random targets. This causes the player to do a damaging Arcane Explosion type effect – the damage from this adds up quickly, so make sure that anyone ‘exploding’ runs away from the group.

You can now move up a circular room with large statue, and look -carefully- into the Curator’s room. You will see several groups of mobs, all of which must be dealt with before engaging the Curator.

The packs are made up of several Syphoners and a single Arcane Anomaly. The Syphoners have an annoying mana drain ability, and can put out quite a lot of damage if they all focus on one player. The Anomaly has low health, but puts up a mana-shield when pulled. If he doesn’t die quickly enough he will teleport to a random player and generally make a nuisance of himself.

Each of these pulls should be brought into the circular room, where you have two options. A single tank can hold all the mobs, while you burn down the Anomaly first, and then kill the Syphoners – or – you can have a seperate tank for each. A dedicated Syphoner tank can devote more energy to interupting the mana-drains that they will cast, leaving the Anomally tank to chase around his mob should it teleport. These pulls are more annoying than dangerous, so just experiment to see what works best for your group.

There are six of these packs, and the second three require the tank to be careful pulling. The Curator paths through his room, and then around a corner and into the next hallway. The pulling of the last few packs must be timed so that the Curator is not engaged. To make this more fun, the Curator has a roughly 30-yard aggro radius. Good times.

Once all the packs are finally cleared, move everyone in to the Curators room, and up against the back wall.

The Curator is a three-phase fight:

– Flare Phase: Every 10 seconds spawns an Arcane Flare. Your DPS focus is to simply kill these as quick as possible. They start with a large amount of aggro on a random person, so they cannot be effectively tanked. They have a chain-arcane attack that hits up the three nearby targets. If you have just a single melee dps, then there is benefit to spreading the raid out to avoid these attacks hitting too many people, but we normally don’t pay too much attention to this. In fact, there is benefit to stacking all the ranged, so that the Flairs always move to the same place – making it easier on Melee DPS. The macro ‘/tar astral’ should be used by all dps to target the adds as quickly as possible.

– Evocation Phase: As the 10th Flare spawns, the Curator starts Evocating for 20 seconds. In this phase he does nothing, and takes 300% damage. he then goes back to the Flare Phase. With lower-dps, have everyone burn on the 10th Flair, and then move to the Curator. As you gear up, you can simple assign one or two people to take out the final flare, while the rest of the raid immediately takes advantage of the 300% damage. You must get the 10th Flare down though – if you allow it to stay up, it can easily wipe you.

– Enrage Phase: At 15% he stops spawning Flares, and increases his damage output. Once you get here, just kill the last flare, and burn him down. The increase is not so much that it should cause serious problems.

Aside from the Phase changes, the Curator beats on the tank, and fires “Hateful Bolts” into the raid. The Hateful Bolts are 4-5k Arcane damage that target a player who is high on the threat list. The actual targeting seems to be a combination of threat and current health, so it does bounce around some. Healers just have to watch out for the damage coming from this, and keep on top of it.

Arcane Resist: We don’t use any. The amount of damage resisted has never been worth to amount of DPS lost to me.

This fight puts out a lot of damage across the raid, so it will stress the healers. In all likelihood going OOM will be what wipes you while learning this fight – so use Mana pots early and often.

The other source of wipes is not killing the flares quickly enough. If they aren’t killed fast, and you get more than one spawned, then you will start to loose people – it is just too much damage for the healers to keep up.

If you have enough DPS, you can have some players stop focusing on the Flares and start 100% into the Curator, but only if your remaining dps can take out the Flares quickly.

The fewer Flare/Evocations cycles you go through, the easier this fight gets. There is a 10-minute enrage timer on this fight, but I’ve never seen it. I can’t imagine that a raid could last that long – the longest I’ve seen this fight done successfully took 8’28”. We actually had several 8+ minute wins, and for a few of those we took 4 healers – not optimal, but it was the method we used to get our first kill. Going with that few dps, you know the fight will last a long time, but you ensure that you don’t loose anyone along the way. I wouldn’t suggest it though, except as a last resort.

More recently, we’re doing the fight as quickly as 2’52”. Having two or three dps on the Curator full time, and pushing him to Enrage before the end of the 2nd Evocate, makes the fight much much easier.

This fight serves as the gateway to the rest of Karazhan, from here you can go to any other boss you choose. The Curator also provides your first Tier 4 token – generally a nice upgrade for almost everyone.