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Gruul’s Lair, cleared again

April 28, 2008

This past Saturday night was a planned evening with Gruul (and pals).  Last week on this run we were several folks short, HKM too a few attempts to get down – and we didn’t even attempt Gruul.  This week, I worked a bit harder to try to setup a full raid – hoping to not have that problem again.

The expected last minute “call-off”, and a pair of no-shows, left us a bit short at the start – but we went in to see the High King with 23.  We had the required tanks and 7 healers (up from the normal 6), along with most of our highest dps toons – so I was confident that we could get at least HKM down. The first attempt was going great, we had lost a healer early, but were still ok – except that we then lost our Mage Tank just 10 seconds before the DPS was ready to burn Firehand down..  alas, he ran over and took out a trio of healers with a blast wave, and that fast we were running for the gate.

The 2nd try failed quickly, as Olm was never properly picked up.  This was simply a problem of having a different group every week.  This week, we one of the Olm tanks was new to the fight, and we didn’t have enough hunters to misdirect for them.  Like most bad pulls here, this one was over quickly.  I’m afraid that this type of problem is going to keep coming up.  Many of our raiders can’t go every week, and we are usually filling a few slots with guests, so we always have 1 or 2 new people filling key roles.  Until we manage to pull in a few more people, this is part of the deal.

The third try everything clicked, and we got the loots.  Once again, we didn’t get and Hunter/Mage/Lock shoulders – continuing our streak of never having seen them.

Before heading in to Gruul, we picked up another – a healer as it turned out.  That put us at eight healers, 24 players total.  With the empty spot, and the extra healers, I knew our DPS output was going to be low.  Having heard that 16 growths generally means quick tank death, I was concerned that we might need to bring in some more dps.  Two of the healers have viable dps alternatives, but generally like to let people raid (and get upgrades) on their mains – so we gave it a try.

One big thing I noticed was that the previous kill, and the pair of learning nights, made a big difference on the Shatters.  Far fewer people were taking big spikes of damage, so we had far more people up for most of the fight.  My off-tank went down at around 14 growth, but the 3rd tank simply slid up into his spot.  At 16 growths, I started to get nervous.  Half way through 17, I hit Shield Wall.  Shortly before Gruul hit Growth 18, he went down.

Honestly, that is not my preferred way to do that fight.  Compared to out first kill, which ended at 14 growths, this required much more luck.  Higher DPS would have simply ended things earlier, and allowing it to go that long meant a possible hit/parry/crush combo that could have easily taken me down before the healers could possibly catch up.  However, it is nice to know that we can do this with a different kind of group makeup.

Now, I can say I tanked Gruul at 17-growths.

I’d just prefer to let my DPS say they took him down at 10.