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WotLK: Gun’Drak

November 29, 2008

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Gun’Drak is perhaps my favorite leveling instance. The zone design, the bosses, variety and the pacing all come together to make me very happy.

There are two quests nearby (just to the north, on a ledge) that anyone can pick up before going in, and another two that come from Zul’Drak quest lines. All have very nice rewards, so be sure to pick them up!

This instance sits in the northeastern part of Zul’Drak, but the map can be a bit confusing. The instance is not in the large temple – even though that map labels that as Zul’Drak. Out front of the temple, on either side the large ‘road’ are small buildings that house the instance portals. Yes – portals. You can choose to start with either Slad’ran or Moorabi, depending on which portal you take. The summoning stone in on the northern side, so thats the portal I’ll presume you will use. For bonus points, after having cleared the zone a few times, do it backwards – the vague feeling of wrongness adds a nice twist to the run.

From the instance portal, head down the ramp – or jump carefully into the pool – and you’ll have the first boss in sight. Behind that boss is an altar. Not just any altar through – this one shoots lasers! See, I told you this place was cool.

After each boss, you need to remember to fire off the laser beam, or else you won’t be able to access the final boss.


Visible from the entrance, just knock out a few simple trash pulls and you are ready.

The Slad’ran fight can get pretty hectic, so everyone needs to be on their toes. From the start he fires off the occasional Poison Nova, and can hit someone with a Snake Wrap. The Nova needs to be healed though, and the Wrap needs to be burst down by dps. As the fight progresses, he will call in an increasing number of snake adds, to the point that some groups may be overwhelmed near the end. The adds don’t have much health, and don’t hit too hard, so you can choose to tank them or AoE them down – whichever works best for your setup.

Witch Doctor’s Wildstaff may drop, and is a nice staff for any Ferals.

Drakkari Colossus

From Slad’ran there the clear to the Colossus is pretty simple. The first room does have some patrolls, so take care if you aren’t up to tanking several groups at once – however, if you can mass tank, this room can be cleared very quickly.

Once in his room, and when initially engaged, the water elementals surrounding the Colossus will group up and join with it. At that point, you can pull the Colussus and start the fight. While in Colossus form, this is a simple tank and spank. However, twice throughout this fight the Elemental will ‘Emerge’ from the Colossus, and need to be picked up. The Elemental will randomly charge, and starts with an aggro wipe – so the tank needs to be paying attention. After taking a bit of a beating, the elemental will hop back into the Colossus, and you repeat the cycle.

You may see the Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll, continuing the good drops for Bears.


The trip to Moorabi is potentially a bit more interesting. There are several more patrols to watch out for, and quite a few mobs that have a knockback. This is worthy of note, because you are fighting along side a small lake – a lake with hostile fish. Get knocked into the lake and not only are you out of the fight for quite some time, but you may not make it out at all.

Once in Moorabi’s room you don’t need to clear the group on the far side – unless you intentionally approach them, they shouldn’t get involved in this fight.

Moorabi is a Troll that will change into a Mammoth part way through the fight. He has a knockdown stomp, and is capable of laying down quite a bit of pain onto the tank, but this fight generally goes very quickly – the simplest of the bosses in Gun’Drak.


After the first three bosses are down, and you hit the final laser, the bridge in the middle of the zone will swivel around and give you access to Gal’Darah. You can jump down from Moorabi’s area and swim to the shore, or run back around to the Colossus’ area and just walk across.

Before fighting Gal’darah you will have four pulls, all involving Rhinos. These can all start with a charge/knockback, so consider pulling with your back to a wall or pillar.

Gal’Darah himself is a fun fight. He starts off in Troll form, and as a troll the main ability to watch for is his Whirlwind – it can put out a lot of damage quick, so melee needs to move out. He can also call a spectral Rhino to do off target charge/knockbacks, but these aren’t a major issue.

Eventually Gal’Darah will transform into a Rhino form. At this point he can Impale players – never the tank though. To do this he charges them, and then treats them to a burst of damage and several seconds flying around with his horn through their chest. Good times.

Drops Gal’darah’s Signet which should make any tank very happy.

And that is it. For such a varied instance, most groups can be out in 30 minutes or so. As this zone fills the level 76 instance gap, you are at the point where even geared TBC Raiders are going to start taking a good hard look at the drops, so it is not unreasonable to see most people walking away with upgrades.