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WotLK: Halls of Stone

December 3, 2008

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Situated in northern Storm Peaks, Halls of Stone is the final ‘pre-80’ instance, and is tuned for groups at level 77.

Following Gun’Drak, this is another fun instance with a unique feel. Upon entering you will need to clear through a hallway and a circular room. I suggest going ahead and clearing the entire way around the room even though you can’t yet open the door on the left. With that done, continue on into the next area.

The next room provides access to three wings – each with a boss fight at the end. I like to clear this area entirely before proceeding to any of the wings, just to prevent accidents as people run back here. Take some care, and LoS pull the groups back – otherwise it is easy to grab several packs at once.

I prefer to to start with the tunnel on the right, since I think the instance flows better that way – but it really doesn’t matter.


On the right you’ll find a tunnel filled with a mix of small elite pulls, and aoe packs. None of these should be at all challenging. Follow the path around, and you will come to Kystallus. This large Stone Golem has several abilities, but generally “Think Gruul” suffices for most people.

Kystallus will use Stomp and Boulder Toss to throw some damage around, but what makes this fight is the Shatter. Very much like Gruul, this ability throws you backwards (though, not a random direction), slows you down, and finally you ‘shatter’ heavily damaging any players nearby. My first time seeing this boss we had pairs of casters and melee dps standing very close to each other. After first shatter I was tanking with just my healer left. We got him down, but it was slow. Once you know the mechanic, it is a simple fight, but you must avoid standing too close to anyone else.

Sadly, no tanking loot drops here.

Maiden of Grief

Back out the the ‘hub’ room, and taking the middle passage will bring you to the Maiden of Grief. This boss will feels familiar to anyone who spent any time in Karazhan. She lays down a Storm of Grief that you should drag her out of, has a DoT (Pillar of Woe) that needs to be dispelled, and will use Shock of Sorrow to stun the group.

The Shock of Sorrow stun is broken upon taking damage, so you can have the group move into a Storm area as she is casting (to break the effect quickly), though I was always fine just waiting out the Shock and getting healed up afterwards.

This Maiden doesn’t drop any tank loot, sadly.

Tribunal of Ages

Back the the ‘hub’ again, and you can now take the final passage. Here you will find Brann Bronzebeard, and get a quest from him. He wants you to escort him further down the passage, through some trash, and to a large room. The ‘Event’ is to protect him against increasingly difficult waves of mobs, while managing the defenses in the room.

There are three phases to this fight, in each a new ‘defense’ starts up. These just add a small amount of damage to the party, and ensure that you don’t get out of combat. For the later phases, you will need to avoid dangerous patches on the floor – as always, don’t stand in spell effects.

While going through these phases, you will have mobs running into room and trying to get to Brann. I prefer to tank at the entrance to the room, and to simply pick up all the mobs as they come in. You will likely have to move to avoid the ground effects – and this is when the fight may get hectic. Make good use of your abilities, keep moving, and keep the waves off your healer. Depending on your party’s gear level and total dps you may get overwhelmed, so do your best to take the big waves out as quickly as possible.

After the fight you will be treated to a several minute long Lore-gasm. This is seriously cool stuff, but if you want to skip it (only because you’ve seen it before! Seriously, watch it the first time!) then you can talk to Brann to move things along.

This chest from this event may contain Constellation Leggings which look to be a nice piece for Ferals.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper

Once the Tribunal of Ages Event is completed, Brann will be ready to run off to unlock the final boss. You just need to run back out to the circular room near the start of the instance and meet him at the door. There you will find Sjonnir.

Spread out for this fight to negate his Static Charge ability. He drops a Lightening Ring that you need to step out of, and summons adds throughout the fight. I’ve not had trouble picking up the adds in the middle of the room, and holding them for AoE – though you may want to assign a DPS to take them down. He can also pop a Lightening Shield ability that reflects damage back at attackers and has ten charges, this simply needs to be healed through – though it may be easier to heal if you let the tank take the brunt of this damage.

I’ve always found this fight to be hectic to tank, mostly trying to balance picking up the adds, and the spikes of damage that he can put out.

Once you down him, Sjonnir may drop the Amulet of Wills, which should interest tanks of any class.

Completing this fight also finishes Brann’s quest, providing plate tanks with this very nice option: Pauldrons of Reconnaissance