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Karazhan: Netherspite

June 10, 2008

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View.

The Shade is down. You’ve either taken Illhoof, or decided to skip him for now. It is now time to move towards Netherspite even if you plan to skip the ghostly dragon, since it puts you two mobs away from the Chess Event.

From the platform outside of the Shade’s room take the ramp up and setup the majority of your group on the walkway. The first group is a four pull – Three Spell Shades and a Sorcerous Shade. The Sorcerous Shade is basically a more annoying Spell Shade that hits harder and has a Shadow Volley attack; it should be the first kill target. Marking all four mobs in this pull is a bit rough, but some careful camera work will allow it. I prefer to LOS them out of the room to the rest of the group.

There is second identical pull inside the room, and a third up the next ramp. Off-tank, Shackle, Trap – these can be hectic, but if you’ve made it this far, you’ll get them down.

Next, you’ll came to a large room filled with Ethereal Thieves. These have a large aggro-radius, cannot be taunted, and can disarm – so warn the raid to be careful with their threat. They all patrol back and forth across the room, but can be solo pulled.

With the Thieves down, you face a pair of ramps. The ramp up leads to Netherspite. The ramp down goes to Chess.

Presuming you are going after Netherspite, follow the ramp up to two single pull of Ethereal Spellfilchers – they have several slightly annoying abilities, but die too quickly to be any real threat.

From here, move everyone down into Netherspite’s Room – just stay up against the wall.

This is a coordination fight, and mistakes are punished quite severely. There are two alternating phases to the fight, the Portal Phase and the Banish Phase.

Portal Phase: When Netherspite is pulled, he should be positioned in the middle of the room near to the door. Within a few seconds three portals will appear – one blue, one green, and one red. A few seconds later beams will shoot from the portals straight at Netherspite, someone needs to be assigned to stand in their path (so they don’t make it to the dragon.) Everyone else must stay out of the beams – people in the wrong beams is a quick way to wipe. Once you have been in a beam (and get out) you get a debuff that stops you from blocking that specific beam again for a while – this means that you will need a rotation of people for each beam.

Red Beam: The red portal starts to the right of the door. Being in this beam gives you immediate aggro on the dragon, and the first tick gives you a huge health buff. Each tick after that heals you to full, slightly increases your defense, and reduces your maximum health. If you simply stand in the beam the whole phase your max health will drop too low and he will one-shot you. Deal with this by taking 10 ticks, and then spending the rest of the phase strafing in and out. Step out, take a few hits, and then step back. The red-beam tank needs to be careful not to move Netherspite too much, as this will make the other beams shift and possibly cause problems. Since you cannot block this beam two Portal Phases in a row, you will need a two tanks able to fill this role – however the health buff and constant healing means that many non-tanks could fill this role in a pinch.

Green Beam: This portal starts to the left of the door. The green beam heals Netherspite if it hits him, so someone must stay in it the entire time. This is best managed by non-mana classes – Warriors, Rogues, and Feral Druids – as these classes can simply stand in the beam and DPS. Again, you cannot take this beam two Portal Phases in a row, so you’ll need two toons able to fill this role. If you have to keep a caster in here, then their mana will be constantly drained – and you will need two people rotating in for each Portal phase.

Blue Beam: This portal starts to the back of the room, toward the telescope. This beam increases your dps, and increases the damage you take from Netherspites constant damage aura. After 25-30 ticks, most classes are taking too much damage for the healers to manage, so you’ll want to have someone else step in and take the beam for them. This is best managed by dps classes, so I setup a total of four members for this beam – two for each half of the first portal phase, two for the second portal phase, and then alternating for the rest of the fight.

If you have a combination of Warrior/Druid tanks, then let them take alternate the Red/Green beam phases – and the rest of the raid only need worry about the blue beam. Tankadins can take the Red beam, but not the Green – so a dps member will need to be used there.

For the Portal phase, assign one healer to focus on whomever is in the Blue Beam, as they will take extra damage. The raid will need some heals, and the Red Beam tank may need some as well.

Warn anyone not in beams to make sure they stay out of beams.  There is always a portal in the rear center of the room (starts out blue) – when running in after a Banish phase, don’t run right up the middle.  You can safely run through the dragon himself rather than run through a beam.   Accidentally running through the blue/green beam may leave the current beam-blocker debuffed, and unable to pick it back up.  Running through the red beam will pull the dragon away from the tank straight to you; all the beams will shift, making it very hard to recover.

Additionally, black void circles will open up under the raid – they do large amounts of damage, so make sure to move out of them. If you are in a beam, simply move up or back along the beam.

Banish Phase: After the Portal Phase is up, the beams and portals will disappear and Netherspite will be ‘Banished’. In this mode he will target random players and if they are ‘in range’ shoot out a cone attack – this has a knockback and a lot of damage. My preference is to simply avoid it. As soon as he banishes have everyone run to the back of the room near the windows. Remind Hunters to pull their pets as well, as they can be targetted. If someone lags behind and gets targeted, the attack extends through the entire room so even members who were under the windows will get hit. Everyone must be out of range. Otherwise, simply heal up and wait.

Banish to Portal Transition: When the Banish ends, there is a short gap before the portals come up. He needs to be tanked, and held in place so that he doesn’t run to the windows (ruining that as a ‘safe zone’ for the next Banish phase). Also, anyone who is going to be in a beam needs to be ready to find where their portal is (they can, but don’t always change locations between phases.) However, if you start in too soon you risk being hit by a Netherbreath. My balance here is to send in the three beam blockers, and one healer about 5 seconds before the end of the Banish. There is a risk here, but this generally works out.

Once you have seen this fight some, it is purely about execution. Rotate through the beams and avoid netherbreath. There is a nine minute Enrage timer, but I’ve only ever seen that hit when the raid lost too several members – or the green beam was allowed to heal Netherspite. Early on this fight may feel out of control, but once the raid ‘gets it’, then it is very much like a dance – and when it works, this can be the easiest fight in the 2nd half of Karazhan.

While learning, you will likely push close to the enrage timer – but with some practice (and gear) I’ve seen this fight done in as little as 4’02”.

Sample Beam Rotation – Warrior/Druid tank:

Odd Phases (1,3,5..) Even Phases (2,4,6..)
Red Beam Tank 1 Tank 2
Green Beam Tank 2 Tank 1
Blue Beam DPS1 / DPS2 DPS3 / DPS4

Sample Beam Rotation – Pally/Pally tanks:

Odd Phases (1,3,5..) Even Phases (2,4,6..)
Red Beam Tank 1 Tank 2
Green Beam DPS 3 DPS 1
Blue Beam DPS1 / DPS2 DPS3 / DPS4