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Champion of the Naa’ru

May 6, 2008

Saturday night I turned my guild to Magtheradon’s Lair, with plans to visit Gruul later in the evening -depending on how things went.

With the nerfs in patches 2.3 and 2.4 many have said that Mag is far to easy now, there is even a charming video floating around about how simply zoning in is now the biggest challenge. I know that many in our guild had heard this, and I have no doubt that the fight is far easier than it once was, but it is still not simple. I worked to prepare everyone for a learning night – and planned to visit Gruul as an escape if we got stuck and weren’t making progress.

I’ll probably write up a full strategy after we take him again, but in short, there are three major obsticles that a raid must manage:

– The Summoners/Abyssals: There are 5 of them. They can each summon an Abyssal, fire off a shadow bolt volley, and cast a heal. You have 2 minutes to just work on them before Mag wakes up. The main challenge here is controlling the Abyssals – our single warlock was busy, and our hunters helped out by trapping. Chaotic, but on the first attempt we had all five down – though now without some casualties. By the 3rd attempt we weren’t loosing anyone on this phase, and the DPS was already working on the 5th Summoner when I went to pick up Mag.

– Blast Nova & The cubes: Starting three minutes in, and every minute after that, Mag starts casting Blast Nova. This must be interrupted by using the 5 cubes spread around the room. Click too early, and you can’t click again. Click too late, and the spell goes off. The channeling must be held long enough to cancel the Blast Nova, but as it does damage to the ‘clicker’ – you can’t hold this too long without dying. Earthquakes complicate things. This took another 2 or 3 attempts to get down.

– The cave-in: At 30% health, Mag drops the ceiling on you. ~7k damage to everyone. Our first time getting to this we was just before a Blast Nova, and we lost several ‘clickers’. On the 7th, and final, try of the night we got him down to 32% and then stopped dps and simply waited. Once the next ‘clicking; was done, we burnt him down to below 30%, giving our healers plenty of time to recover. Easy from the point on.

It only took a few attempts to work out solutions for each of these hurdles, and by the end of the night the fight did feel pretty easy. By the 6th attempt – when the cave-in got us – I knew we would have him soon. Within a week or two I expect that we will be regularly one-shotting him. Yes, he is pretty easy now – once you learn the fight. However, I wouldn’t expect a new group to walk in and 1-shot him, there are simply too many elements of the fight to learn.

Following Mag, we went over to Gruul’s Lair, where we 1-shot HKM, and after a mulligan where a mage pulled before anyone was ready, took out Gruul on our first real attempt. Presuming that we can repeat this success next weekend, I think we will start looking at our first T5 boss.

Also, the Magtheridon kill completed the last quest I needed for my “Champion of the Naa’ru” title! Woohoo!