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Karazhan: Maiden of Virtue

April 25, 2008

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View. This entry covers the Maiden, and her trash.

Moroes is down, and it is time to move on to the next boss. Here, you face a choice. You can go straight to the Opera, or you can do a few extra pulls and visit the Maiden of Virtue. At “starting Karazhan” gear levels, this fight can certainly be challenging, but is worth doing – several very nice pieces drop from her, and she controls the trash that you need for a quest.

From Moroes’ room, head out and across the top of the stairs. There is an AoE pull that can be brought to the columns at the top of the stairs, and burnt down. This (and the rest of the AoE pulls in this section) are just like the first two you did in this ballroom.

With that pull down, hop onto the ledge and run to the corner of the ballroom. There will be two or three guests sitting in chairs randomly scattered through this part of the room, so pull and kill them when you come to them. With your party in the corner (with the bust on a podium) there is one more AoE pull in the room to deal with. You don’t have any way to conveniently line-of-sight pull them, so just get them as close as possible. If you are careful, you shouldn’t accidentally pull any other groups. You finish off the room by pulling the Valet by the door.

Patrol Alert! There is a roaming mob that comes out that door from time to time. You can either wait for him there, or go through the door and catch him on the stairs up to the next level. There are no other mobs there, so I tend to do it that way. Either way, through the door, and to the top of the stairs for the next set of pulls.

There are a number of roaming mobs on this floor, but only two will get close enough to worry about. You will only be able to pull them once the first AoE pull is done, so go ahead and grab that – the AoE pulls in this room can both be grouped up behind the column on the corner. Make sure to ask your dps/healers to hold up until they are all together. With the 1st group done, grab the two Patrols, then pull back the Valet on the right. Pull that mob all the way back to the group waiting at the top of the stairs. Now, there are two groups on the carpet. The closer one – also standing a bit farther left) will be left alone. The tank need to head out to the right, pull the other group, and carefully bring them back to the party (waiting patiently for the mobs to get grouped up behind the column.)

Now, you can head up to the door on the right. This leads to the Maidens hallway. Before heading in (and carefully watching the un-pulled group in the carpet) wait for a patrol of two Spectral Sentries to pass by. They are vulnerable to traps and shackle, and die reasonably quickly – pull them and quickly dispatch.

Now, move into the hallway and take a sharp left. There is a doorway and a set of stairs here – that is a good place to group up while waiting for the next pull. [Bonus: Those stairs lead down to the Bat section of the basement. Still not worth going down there.] There is a demon/undead PAT that moves down the hall and into all three rooms – make sure they are clear before doing the next pull.

Facing back down the hallway, you will see a double Guardsman pull. The Guardsmen are simple, though they can summon a pet dog that needs to be picked up. I like to ensure that they are shackled away from the group, so that a quick Thunderclap/Cleave will pick up and hold the summoned hound – otherwise it heads for the healers. With the Guardsmen out of the way, pull the PAT. The undead can the shackled, the demon banished.

Next, there is another double Guardsman pull on the left – pull that back to the group.

There is a four pull on the right. Random mix on demons and undead. All can be trapped, banished/shackled, or off-tanked.

Finally, there is a last double guardsman pull at the end of the hallway.

Those rooms of the left? Leave them alone. There is a quest item in the middle one – but just come back later and get it. Once the Maiden is dead, all that trash will despawn on a soft-reset (leave the zone for 30 minutes) – unless the entire group needs the item, it just isn’t worth the trouble.

Now, for the Maiden. She has several tricks, a few of which can cause major problems depending on group makeup.

Holy Ground: Small ticking AoE that covers her platform – so long as you tank here right in the middle. Breaks any stuns, but doesn’t do too much damage. Melee dps may need to run out to bandage.
Holy Wrath: A Holy damage chained lightning style spell. This will be countered with group placement.
Holy Fire: An off-target Holy nuke with a high damage DoT. This must be dispelled immediately. I prefer to have one healer just dealing with this – a quick dispel, and the healing the target back up. Having your healers run Decursive makes this much easier.
Repentance: A stun cast several times though the fight. All melee is quickly woken up by the Holy Ground, but the ranged and healers will not be. Healing the tank through this is the trick to this fight.

Group placement
All melee dps should spread to the edges of the hit box (3 melee? form a triangle. 4? a square.)
The ranged dps will also be spread out. To start, send each ranged dps to a separate wall – ensuring that they run right up against the wall to get there. The room is an octagon, so there will likely be a wall for everyone. Once the tanks has her, all the ranged move up and stand on the first step of her platform. This puts them out of the Holy Ground, put close enough to get heals.

Options for dealing with Repentance:

  1. Bring a Pally healer – they can cast (and recast every 30 seconds) Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank. They will take a small amount of damage from each Holy Ground, and thus get out of Repentance. So long as the tank to topped off prior to the stun, a single healer will probably be able to keep him up for the duration.
  2. Stack HoTs – if you have lots of Heal over Time spells, these may suffice to deal with the Repentance. Just make sure they are all up before the stun lands.
  3. Drag the Maiden around: The tank can pull to Maiden over closer to the healers, getting them in range of the Holy Ground. This wakes them up, so they can start healing. Not my favorite method, but it does work.
  4. Healers step into Holy Ground: Repentance is (mostly) on a timer, so the healers can possibly step onto the platform just before it hits, take a few ticks of Holy Ground, and then step back out.

Early on, this fight may require you to combine several of these options, but as your gear improves, this fight get very easy. The longer it goes, the more times you get Repentance, and the more Holy Fires. Eventually she will Holy Fire someone who is already a bit low on health, and your healers will not have time to react.

This is a fairly quick fight – early kills took us nearly 4 minutes. The longest kill was 5’31” – that required several people to die early, and put a lot of pressure on the healers to last through the fight. We recently took her down in 1’13” – several of her trash pulls take longer than that.