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WotLK: The Nexus

November 16, 2008

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

The Nexus sits in the middle of Coldera Island in northwest Borean Tundra. The only way out to the island is a dragon flight from a camp just southeast of the island. Once you get to Coldera, there are a number of quests immediately available – these are long quest lines that all eventually lead to quests in The Nexus. It is well worth your time to do these quests, even if you skip the rest of Borean Tundra.

The Nexus is the 2nd leveling instance in WotLK (following Utgarde Keep), and is certainly accessible to players at level 70. Just like Utgarde, if you are coming from Raiding, or have been speed-running TBC Heroics, then this will not push you too much.

When you first zone in, you will have three exits to the first room. The one straight ahead leads to the final boss, an encounter that you can’t engage until the other three are down. The passage to the left will lead you to Grand Magus Telestra, and the right will take you to Ormorok the Tree-Shaper. The first three bosses each have an large area devoted to them, with tunnels connecting them to the next bosses section, and tunnels – like spokes on a wheel – connecting back to Keristrasza in the middle of the zone.

You can choose to start left or right, it really doesn’t matter. If you start left, you will go Grand Magus Telestra -> Anomalus -> Ormorok. Go right, and you see them in reverse order. I’ve not seen any benefit to one path over the other.

Each boss has a section of associated trash leading to them. Each section has a unique feel, and each clear is reasonably short.

Grand Magus Telestra

Her trash is a mix of humanoids in small packs. Nothing terribly difficult, except that the packs rights outside of her room can be a bit tricky to pull without picking up a patrol.  If you start with her trash, you will pass a book that is needed for a quest.

She is a reasonably simple, but fun fight with three phases:

  1. She does some light AoE damage, with stuns, but most of the damage is on the tank. She will use a Gravity Well ability to throw everyone around the room for a few seconds, dealing minor shadow damage.
  2. At half health she splits into three copies. One Arcane, one fire, one frost. I suggest starting with Frost, and focus firing them down.
  3. Same as phase 1.

She doesn’t drop any tanking loot to speak of.


His trash is largely fair size packs.  Most of them include a Chaotic Rift, which should be the first target.  They go down quick, but may spawn adds as long as they are allowed to live. 

He is vague reminicent of The Curator.  Focus dps on him, and at intervals he will shield himself and summon a Chaotic Rift.  The rift will bring in more mobs as long as it is up.  Kill it, and any adds it summons, and then move back to the boss.  Anamalus doesn’t do much damage, so the only way I’ve seen to allow this fight to get interesting is to ignore the adds, and to get DPS back to Anamalus too quickly. 

Once he is down, you can run to the back of his platform and use a quest item, if you completed the Coldarra area before heading in.  

This is again a boss without any tanking loot.


Ormoruk’s area is filled with small plants, that alone don’t pose a threat – however, until Omoruk is killed, they respawn at an alarming rate.  If you don’t keep moving, you will find them popping back up and going to work on your healer.  This section many Crystalline Protectors (which drop a quest item) spaced between a series of patrolling groups of three.  Move quickly, but not so quickly that you allow several patrolls to jump you at once.  This is certainly the most challenging section of trash in this zone – at least the first time through.

Ormoruk himself is reasonably basic.  The only ability of any interest is a ground effect, which shoots out lines of ice.  After a few second these explode into spike, which will do a fair amount of damage – so don’t stand on them.

Again, no tanking loot.


With all threee bosses down, now you simply need to head to the middle of the zone (each of the boss’s sections have a path that leads to her, so there is no need to do a lot of running.)  You may need to clear a few mobs out on the way, but once her room is empty, you will see her and three devices.  Click the three devices to start the fight.

This is the most interesting fight in the instance.  First, standard dragon rules apply – dps should avoid the head and tail, and the tank should point the head at casters.  The other major trick is a debuff that she stacks on you – Intense Cold.  It increases the amount of damage you take significantly and slows casting speed, so you need to remove it before it stacks too high.  Thankfully, it is easy to remove – just move.  Jump or take a step and it drops off, so that is all you need do.  Every couple of seconds take a small step, and that covers it.

Once again, no tanking drops.  

Thankfully, the Tundra Pauldrons are a quest reward for the run, and these will be a nice pickup for many tanks.