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Karazhan: The Opera Event, Trash

April 29, 2008

This is another in a series of posts covering a full Karazhan clear – mostly from a Main Tank’s Point of View. This post starts a mini-series on the Opera.

The Opera event is rather unique, and is an important step in clearing Karazhan. It provides access to the Back Door, and requires that you have killed Moroes. Since the Opera is actually a random selection of one of three different boss fights, I’m going to cover the basics here – and then each actual event separately.

For the trash, I’m going to presume that you have cleared the ballroom trash far enough to the get to the Maiden‘s Hallway. If not, that trash is covered here.

Leaving the Maiden’s Hallway, you want to continue right across the ballroom. Here you will see a pair of Skeletal Ushers guarding the archway. There is another pair behind them, and a 5th that patrols though the Opera Hall. The patrol does pass by the archway, so mark him when he goes by – otherwise he can sneak up on you later.

The Ushers can be shackled, and that is very important. I’m going to assume you have a Priest to keep one locked down. You will want to have both tanks on the non-CC’d Usher, as they will ice-block their primary target. This can be spell-reflected by a warrior, or picked up by a grounding totem, but it is safest to simply keep your off-tank as #2 on the threat list. These mobs hit very hard, and it is not uncommon for them to break off the tank and 2-shot your dps.

With the first pull down, grab the second double pull – making sure that the PAT is clear. Finally, grab the patrol as he walks by.

With the Ushers out of the way, you can head into the Opera Hall. Take a right, and follow the hall around. Do not go into the seating area – the guests have nothing nice to say.

How down a flight of stairs, see who can land on the top of the doorframe, run through the orchestra pit, up a ramp, and then park the group against the wall on the left. The backstage room now ahead of you has a pair of 2-pulls of Performers, and a pair of patrolling solo-pull Stage-Hands.

I prefer to pull the patrols first, but this can be tricky. One of the patrols gets close to where your group is standing -if you are fighting anything else, he will join in – so I like to deal with him first. The problem is, that if you pull him to early *or* too late, the first double-pull will join in as well. I tend to body pull him at the closest point in his patrol. If you stand 3 floor-planks on your side of the door, then you can take a step when he pauses, and pull him.

An instant ranged attack would also grab him, but he only pauses very briefly, so this is tricky. I suggest marking a mob in the double-pull for the off-tank to pick up, just in case.

There are no good CC options for any mobs in this section, so things can get out of hand quickly if a pull goes bad.

The Stagehands can both be pulled first, leaving the double Performer pulls. Each will be tanked separately, and will occasionally put up a spotlight. Make sure to drag them out of that light, as it gives a sizable damage buff. They also explode on death, but it is not so much damage that healing through it should be a problem.

With the room clear, there is another double-Performer pull just in the next room, along with a stagehand the Patrols through the area. Take care of both pulls, and then move into the room and to the right.

There is a friendly NPC, Barnes, standing by a door. Do not talk to him until you are ready to start the Opera event. Buff up, talk strategies, and then head in. Some groups will sacrifice a scout to check which event you have that week, but I prefer to simply prepare as if it were Oz or R&J, since BBW gives you setup time before you start the fight. Barnes’ announcement gives you a few seconds to get ready before the curtain goes up, so that is usually enough time to make last second adjustments.

The Opera event is random each raid week. Unlike Moroes’ adds, it cannot be reset in any way.

Once you have completed the Opera fight, there is a bit more associated trash left. The upper levels of the Opera hall have another section of trash tied to the Opera. You can skip this by doing a soft-reset, or just leaving the zone and running into the backdoor (unlocked by the Opera event). I almost never do this, as the mobs in this clear drop a lot of gold. Each pack drops 10 to 25 gold, so this trash can cover a large percentage of the night’s potential repair bill.

The pulls themselves are pretty easy. Heading up the ramp from the Opera stage, though the now opened door, you will reach a large curving hallway. Wait at the top for a patrol consisting of one Elite Philanthropist and two non-elite Patrons. A single tank can handle these basic groups. Simply kill the Philanthropist first, then burn down the patrons.

Next along the hallway is a double pull of these groups (two Philantropists, 4 Patrons). Off-tank one of the elites, focus-fire them down first, and then AOE the Patrons. Repeat on the the next pull.

From here on out, there will just be the basic groups of three. Next send a puller to the top of the ramp, and wait there for the patrol to come by. Pull it down the ramp to the group and take them out.

Up the ramp, along the balconies you will find a pull every other balcony. Kill them all as they drop a lot of gold.

Opposite the ramp, you will see a doorway that leads to the Broken Stair, the back door and Nightbane. Starting here, the trash belongs to the Curator – so we will deal with it in an upcoming post.