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Four Wings Cleared

December 23, 2008

Sunday night the guild had enough people available to hit up Naxx one final time for the week. Having cleared the Spider, Construct, Plague and most of the Death Knight wing we were heading to the Four Horsemen.

That is an interesting fight, that somehow seems more complicated when preparing for it that when actually doing it. The Tankspot video does do a great job in laying out the fight, but left me expecting it to take several tries to get down. In fact, we needed only two tries – with the first being wiped due to a silly mistake in the back half of the room.

While handing out loot there were more than a few complaints that Naxx may be too easy this time around.

Then we went to Sapphiron.

Running with our highest DPS’er out on holiday, and with only a single ranged DPS – I expected Sapphiron to be tougher. I was certainly not disappointed.

The fight seems doable – we had the dragon below 10% on one attempt – but our dps just wasn’t there. This feels like a fight where we are going to need to end it quickly, and where melee is something of a liability. Sapphiron’s cleave area is far larger than I’m used too, and the constantly ticking frost damage was putting stress on the healers.

I’m certain that we’ll get the boss down soon – like I said, we were missing a lot of dps due to the Holiday, but I think I may pick up some Frost Resist gear all the same. About half of my incoming damage was Frost, and the epic FR gear is really pretty well itemized. If I can make myself easier to heal, then we will likely have a better time all around.

Seeing as how we’ve moved quickly through Naxx so far, I’m was a bit surprising to spend most of an evening wiping to one boss – but kind of nice in a way. In TBC we ‘worked’ for nearly every boss kill, and thus far in WotLK we haven’t seen that yet. I do actually kind of miss it.

Also, I love raiding with my new guild. Great guys (and I do mean guys – my wife is the only female raider) and even on a rough night, the focus is on what was done better on each and every attempt. It is a great environment, and I’ve seen a lot of things that I will try to replicate should I start leading raids again. Managing an upbeat, positive end to a night of wipes is an impressive feat – and something that I’ve not seen executed quite that well before.