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First Trip in to SSC

May 16, 2008

Having now downed both Mag and Gruul, many folks have been asking which zone is next. I want to focus on farming the T4 zones some, but am also excited about even more new content – so I put a SSC Trash run on the calendar for this past weekend.

The plan, as I described it, was to go in and get beat down by the trash. Shockingly, people signed up for this.

In reality, my goal was to learn the trash pulls to Hydross, to sneak past him, and to then clear up to the Lurker. I expected a few rough patches, but hoped in end the evening with a peak at the Lurker fight.

From the start, the trash was not as bad as I had expected. We had a few mistakes, but were generally able to recover well. When we got to Hydross I explained a bit about that fight, and that we would soon be crafting the required Resist sets for our tanks. Sneaking around his adds didn’t go terribly well, and I’m not sure why. Thankfully the adds don’t pull Hydross himself, and they die amazingly easily.

The clear around the Lurker’s platforms was more of the same. After the first few pulls we had found a strategy that seemed to work well for us, and by the last few it was going fairly quickly.

Everyone had heard a lot about how easy the Lurker is, so I devoted a fair amount of energy to building him up. He IS the first Tier 5 boss we have faced. He IS much harder than either Gruul or Mag. The fight DOES require EVERYONE to be on their toes.

For learning attempts – that no one had prepared for – things went well. I simply wanted everyone to see each phase of the fight, so that we would be ready going in next time, and we did accomplish that.

Tanking the Lurker himself is pretty simple. He doesn’t hit that hard, and the ranged doesn’t even have to watch Omen. The adds seem more than doable – a few tweaks there and we should be fine. The spout managed to take folks out every time, but I think that seeing the fight a few more times will be enough for everyone to get the timing down.

All in all, I feel good about our chances against the Lurker. Our raid schedule doesn’t give us much time in the 25-mans, but I think we are setup well to make some progress.