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WotLK: Ahn’kahet – The Old Kingdom

November 21, 2008

This is one in a series of posts covering a WotLK 5-mans – from a Tank’s Point of View

Sitting very close to the Azjol-Nerub 5-man is Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom. Where Azjol-Nerub is concentrated awesomeness, Ahn’kahet is amazing in it’s size. No tiny passages and small rooms here, this is pace is huge. Really, the zone feels more epic than most raid zones.

I wold suggest level 73-74 as a fair level range for this instance, a bit higher that Azjol-Nerub, but fairly close.

Early in the zone, you can choose a path to the first boss. The first room of trash mobs allows you to go either left or right – both will eventually lead you close to Elder Nakox’s room (if you go left, you will pass the door to his room on your right). There doesn’t appear to be a benefit to going one direction or the other.

Elder Nakox

Elder Najox is reasonably simple, so long as you pay attention to the adds. Throughout the fight he will summon Guardians – you will get an on screen alert – while these Guardians are up, all other mobs are immune to damage, so they must be killed immediately. There will be other adds in the fight, but most groups will have no problem burning them down as they spawn.

Prince Taldaram

Moving on from Elder Nakox (out the door, right, and then down the stairs) you will come to an open room with two elevated platforms. The platforms have an item that you must click to release the Prince. The mobs in this area are reasonably simple – perhaps a bit caster heavy, and the Bonegrinders have an AOE fear.

Once you clear the platforms the Prince should be waiting for you at the top of his ramp. Throughout the fight he will create Flame Spheres, these float around and do some splash damage – but don’t really impact the fight. He will also Vanish, and then start Draining Life from a party member – this hits reasonably hard, and continues until you’ve done 20k damage to him.

Slasher’s Amulet drops here, which may be a nice DPS piece for any tank.

Jedoga Shadowseeker

Continuing on, you will come to a large room with a pool down the middle. I prefer to clear up the right side, since that is the direction on the next boss.

When you get to Jedoga’s platform, you will see three groups of non-elite humanoids. Once you burn these down, Jedoga will descend and many Twilight Volunteers will rush onto the platform and become non-targetable, don’t worry about them yet. Start working on Jedoga, watching for areas of lightning on the ground. Several times through the fight, she will hover up into the air and call on one of the Volunteers as a sacrafice. That mobs will un-shield, become attackable, and start walking towards Jedoga. You need to kill it before it arrives, or else the boss enrages.

That is pretty much it, repeat the cycle three or four times and she’ll be down.

She does drop a very nice piece of tanking plate, the Battlechest of the Twilight Cult

Herald Volazj

Head back up the side of the pool that you cleared, and then up a web, and you will approach the final boss’s room. Once the three trash mobs are dispatched you can engage Herald Volazj. He has weak melee, and an interuptable Mind Flay – but those aren’t what this fight is about – no, that is the Insanity ability. A couple of times during the fight Volazj will cast Insanity, placing everyone into their own ‘phase’ where they have to face off against a hostile copy of the party, with each ‘copy’ having about 4,000 health. Once you finish off your phase, you drop into another and can help there. This really isn’t that hard, but it is very entertaining.

Pyramid Embossed Belt – A nice piece for the Feral tanks