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Getting Ready for Titan’s Grip

September 3, 2008

Even though I have always leveled with a tanking build, I’ve played around a bit on the WotLK Beta with a Fury Spec, and have found it enjoyable. The amount of DPS is nice, and the low amount of downtime is great. Titan’s Grip is what originally got drew me in. Duel wielding massive weapons? Awsome!

I’ve even got a few nice ones in the bank, those nice Karazhan weapons that dropped nearly every run. I knew I’d been keeping them around for some reason!

Still in the bank?  Yup.  However, I apparently hadn’t ever bothered equipping them. After my re-spec to Fury I ran out to see my amazing new non-prot DPS, and nearly got killed by a level 70 mob. Miss, Parry, Parry, Dodge, Miss. I could barely hit him, and he seemed content to wear me down over a 2 or 3 hour battle. Turns out that WotLK mobs aren’t impressed by my sub-300 weapon skill levels. Huh, who’d have thought?

So, I slowly leveled those skills while questing with my wife, and I’m am now caught up.  With the appropriate weapon skill I’m able to put out very solid dps.  I’ve even tanked a few 3, 4, and 5 man quests, and found that the spec does still work for that.   I’m not going to be tanking any instances this way, it is just far to frustrating, but I was able to mostly hold mobs still.

I do still need to go back to the live servers and park myself in the Blasted Lands for a few hours, because the last thing I want is to go through this mess again when Wrath launches.  Also note: the word is that those mobs in the Blasted Lands no longer give ‘skill ups’ in the beta.. so if that is your preferred method, take care of it now!