A Case of Blahs – WoW Style

The last few weeks I’ve not been “Feeling it”.  I’ve logged in for raids, and taken care of the schedules, dkp, and WWS reports (if a bit belatedly on those) – but it has all felt a lot more like work than it should.  Granted, most of that *is* work.. it’s just that the rest of my playtime more than balances that out.  Now that I’ve not been playing much otherwise, not so much.

We managed a 25-man run Saturday night, where we took out both Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon – a smooth run all around.  The first time that we’ve one-shot both Maulgar and Gruul in the same night.  Magtheridon took two tries, but that was only because a first-time clicker managed to get lost on his way to his cube.

I helped out healing a partial Karazhan run last night – we made it up to Shade, but had quite a few undergeared toons, so it was a bit painful.  Not really sure why, but I died *a lot*.  We tried Nightbane a few times, but the DPS just wasn’t there.  Not a horrible run, but certainly not the same as the 3 hour runs that I’ve gotten used to tanking.

Outside of that raids, my Tank needs only a drop or two from HMgT – my badges are now going to DPS gear.. which is disturbingly good for a toon that has been Prot spec’d for aver a year now.

I don’t really have the energy to gear up my two other level 70s, the Priest and Hunter.  The Priest is largely in Karazhan/Heroic gear, more than sufficient since he doesn’t raid, and the hunter is in nearly all greens.  I only leveled the Hunter to 70 to serve as a dual gatherer, allowing me to drop Mining in the WotLK should it seem like a good idea (also allowing my wife the same freedom with Herbalism.)  His gear is fine for zipping around doing that, and I kinda like the idea of one of my toons actually using the early quest-greens from Northrend.

Northrend.  WotLK.  There, I said it.

Is the expansion news why I’m feeling the burnout?  I don’t know.  It really doesn’t feel like it, but damned if the timing doesn’t match.  I’ve been spending more time outdoors, catching up on some much needed shopping, and even playing another game or two..  all things that seem perfectly normal..

I think *for me* it is that I don’t have any ‘short-term’ goals for any of my toons – something to really motivate me to do more than pop on in the evening, and then log right back out once I’ve burnt my 20-hour cooldowns.

I’m looking for something.. just not sure what…

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